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Drones and Agriculture

To improve food efficacy for the long run, improved plant counts, checking overall well being and damage assessment and general health conditions even  losses from disasters, drones have been used to do the job with great efficiency.  Drones can be used for taking a vertical aerial photograph of an area which can be useful in detecting over use of plant watering,  plant damage from insects and general plant health along with collecting other data necessary for efficient production.
High productivity is essential for farming success.   Farmers have to count on timely and accurate information which may be easily and cost efficiently provided by drones that detect, monitor and record such conditions.
Drones can measure plant life, supply data for educated decisions making and more efficient farming techniques.   Pollinating crops and appraising harvests well being and general health are just some of the things being done by today’s agricultural drones.  This is the future of farming that can help assure food security for the world and assure a continued supply for generations to come.
This technology is now in use where large areas of land are used for farming,  such as Canada and Brazil and United States.
Monitoring of the spread of a disease is crucial to prevent spreading and devastation of the crop.   Drones can provide a valuable service including  planting of seeds, even spreading of pesticides.  These technologies are already being implemented in developing countries that provide food to the world and assist farmers carryout  more cost effective operations.   These technologies are used together with artificial intelligence and the internet.  Welcome to the future!

Drone video of devastating fire

This drone video was uploaded by the Sacramento Bee newspaper  and shows the devastation caused by the Carr fire which plowed  through Shasta County and is similar to one posted after last year’s firestorm which roared through Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park neighborhood and other parts of Sonoma County and surrounding areas.   The Bee’s video by Randall Benton, posted Aug. 4, shows the town of Keswick and a nearby neighborhood that was destroyed by the wildfire.    Click to see here   the VIDEO: Devastated Coffey Park neighborhood as seen from the air.    Several comments on the video refer to last year’s fatal firestorm, that killed a total of 44 people in Northern California and destroyed more than 6,400 homes.    As of Aug. 13, the Carr fire has burned more than 202,000 acres, destroyed 1,077 residences and killed at least seven people.

Aerial Photography shows prospective new hotels in Lake Buena Vista Orlando

Tourists coming to Orlando area can expect 9 new hotels opening  in 2018 in Metro Orlando.   The projected openings will bring 1,298 additional hotel rooms to the Greater Orlando area.   Construction on the 21 story Uniq hotel could start this year.  The hotel to be built on International Drive on the same parcel of land as the former Avanti Resort, is expected to open in 2018.   The 357 room Uniq is expected to be built closer to the road, allowing for an urban downtown flavor.   Central Florida will also see multiple high end renovations this year. The International Palms Resort & Conference Center, formerly Holiday Inn International, another property managed by Paramount, will open in 2018.

Developers often use a vertical aerial photo survey to select a potential building site for development.  The aerial photos are then used to make decisions and planning for development even before the ground is broken.

Aerial Photography many times is the first thing a developer will use to start the process of land development.  And Construction photo progress documentation is an ongoing part of the development of many projects.

The 652-room hotel will be reintroduced as guest rooms, dining facilities and the lobby area will be completely redesigned and renovated. The pool area and 18,000-square-foot convention space also will be refurbished. Renovations are expected to be completed in the 4th quarter, with no opening date announced at this time.

Hotel construction extends into Osceola County with the development of the 187 room hotel part of the Margaritaville Resort Orlando in Kissimmee. Construction will begin early 2018 spring. The hotel is part of the larger 300 acre property being built on the U.S. 192 corridor in Osceola County.    That property is expected to be completed by mid-2018.

The most visible new hotel project is an expansion of Universal Orlando’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.  The 60’s art deco themed hotel, which opened in 2014, is getting two new towers on the property to 2,200 rooms.

The Orlando International Airport project is an ongoing expansion project at the airport and plans to renovate the airport’s onsite hotel, the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport.  The 446 guestrooms, 20 corridors and 12 elevators and lobby, fitness center area will all be renovated.

While vertical construction for several new hotels is already underway in Orlando, 2017 there will also be the anticipated completion or openings of at least four new hotels in the International Drive tourism corridor.   Hyatt House, StayBridge Suites Orlando at SeaWorld, Residence Inn Universal Studios and Cambria Hotel & Suites are all also opening sometime in 2018.   Hyatt House will bring 175 new rooms to International Drive while the Residence Inn Universal Studios will have 196 rooms near the intersection of Vineland Road and Major Boulevard.

The use of precision Aerial Photography and Aerial Surveys is used for many planned sites.  High quality aerial photography progress coverage is used through to completion, and done by a local Aerial Photography company called Astro Aerial Photography.  Astro Aerial Photography not only services commercial clients in the Greater Orlando Area, but also offers aerial photography services to commercial clients throughout the State of Florida.    Once the projects are complete,   Astro Aerials professionals do magazine quality promotional ground photography for both   Interior and Exterior coverage of completed projects.