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Power Plant Aerial Inspections

Aerial Inspections of Power Plant

Small unmanned aircraft are helping to assess power plant reactors and other industrial complex buildings. The work is completed in just 2 days, giving high-quality high resolution video feed data which saves the company hundreds of hours in manpower when done manually.   Energy companies are using the  newest state of the art technological advances  to provide safety and decrease the  cost of operations for their clients with aerial drones that survey ,inspect and can deliver these inspections. With the capability  to deliver real time, high-resolution images and videos, the drones are providing better quality data feeds and helping  security do a better job of securing such high profile sites.
Industry  has started using drones several years ago to survey and  they fly a drone  and do aerial , exterior and even interior inspections at very low altitude.

Commercial Power company operations have been using drones to inspect turbines, gas lines, power lines, and  substations., and even large scale mapping.  They  partner with the FAA to operated their unmanned aircraft for the utility industry nationwide.   Energy Companies realize that the  savings and safety greatly benefits the ground crews that used a drone to inspect dangerous structures such as uneven cooling towers.  The average the inspections require a crane or low flying aircraft  and requires weekly inspections. By eliminating the crane, scaffolding and other climbing equipment the inspectors don’t have to climb up dangerous areas and keeps the crew safely on the ground which greatly improves their safety.   These advantages save thousands of dollars in insurance costs.  The industry is always looking for  new ways  to improve plant operations and inspections and helping people reach higher levels of excellence that drives down the costs.    An Energy Company in Orlando Florida  has announced it is the first utility company in the nation to use drones beyond the line of sight  of the operator for power line inspections. These drone aerial photo flights are now also taking place in Florida and soon corporation will operate drones remotely to conduct inspections of power lines in other states.

Aerial Photography shows prospective new hotels in Lake Buena Vista Orlando

Tourists coming to Orlando area can expect 9 new hotels opening  in 2018 in Metro Orlando.   The projected openings will bring 1,298 additional hotel rooms to the Greater Orlando area.   Construction on the 21 story Uniq hotel could start this year.  The hotel to be built on International Drive on the same parcel of land as the former Avanti Resort, is expected to open in 2018.   The 357 room Uniq is expected to be built closer to the road, allowing for an urban downtown flavor.   Central Florida will also see multiple high end renovations this year. The International Palms Resort & Conference Center, formerly Holiday Inn International, another property managed by Paramount, will open in 2018.

Developers often use a vertical aerial photo survey to select a potential building site for development.  The aerial photos are then used to make decisions and planning for development even before the ground is broken.

Aerial Photography many times is the first thing a developer will use to start the process of land development.  And Construction photo progress documentation is an ongoing part of the development of many projects.

The 652-room hotel will be reintroduced as guest rooms, dining facilities and the lobby area will be completely redesigned and renovated. The pool area and 18,000-square-foot convention space also will be refurbished. Renovations are expected to be completed in the 4th quarter, with no opening date announced at this time.

Hotel construction extends into Osceola County with the development of the 187 room hotel part of the Margaritaville Resort Orlando in Kissimmee. Construction will begin early 2018 spring. The hotel is part of the larger 300 acre property being built on the U.S. 192 corridor in Osceola County.    That property is expected to be completed by mid-2018.

The most visible new hotel project is an expansion of Universal Orlando’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.  The 60’s art deco themed hotel, which opened in 2014, is getting two new towers on the property to 2,200 rooms.

The Orlando International Airport project is an ongoing expansion project at the airport and plans to renovate the airport’s onsite hotel, the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport.  The 446 guestrooms, 20 corridors and 12 elevators and lobby, fitness center area will all be renovated.

While vertical construction for several new hotels is already underway in Orlando, 2017 there will also be the anticipated completion or openings of at least four new hotels in the International Drive tourism corridor.   Hyatt House, StayBridge Suites Orlando at SeaWorld, Residence Inn Universal Studios and Cambria Hotel & Suites are all also opening sometime in 2018.   Hyatt House will bring 175 new rooms to International Drive while the Residence Inn Universal Studios will have 196 rooms near the intersection of Vineland Road and Major Boulevard.

The use of precision Aerial Photography and Aerial Surveys is used for many planned sites.  High quality aerial photography progress coverage is used through to completion, and done by a local Aerial Photography company called Astro Aerial Photography.  Astro Aerial Photography not only services commercial clients in the Greater Orlando Area, but also offers aerial photography services to commercial clients throughout the State of Florida.    Once the projects are complete,   Astro Aerials professionals do magazine quality promotional ground photography for both   Interior and Exterior coverage of completed projects.


Aerial Photography Jacksonville FL

Downtown Jacksonville, a great place to do business

Downtown is a Great Place for Business! Aerial Photography of Jacksonville

Mayor Lenny Curry, of the Downtown Investment Authority Board, and Downtown Vision, Inc. and community leaders are committed to Downtown Jacksonville’s success and growth.   Downtown Jacksonville offers one of the most affordable Business District’s for  commercial real estate space in all of Florida.  Commercial Real Estate Leasing Rates for retail and office space are also affordable very competitive with Northeast Florida and other state commercial  business locations.  Downtown Jacksonville also offers huge benefits to businesses via Community Redevelopment areas, a Brownfield area, an Enterprise Zone, and Empowerment Zone and state and local investment programs.

Aerial Photography for commercial clients is a must to fully showcase this truly magnificent city and its landscapes and views. Astro Aerial photography fly’s and covers all of Florida from Key West to Pensacola, and of course all of Jacksonville and surrounding areas.  Aerial Photography from aircraft is preferable  and the choice for the largest of developers and commercial real estate companies since drone photography flights are prohibited due to close proximity to military fields, airports, no fly zones and high population density over the city.  One just can not see the magnificent views from 400 feet that a drone can fly compared seeing it from to 1500′ to 3500′ to even 5000′ or higher to capture the entire city views.

Aerial Photo Tampa

Premier Downtown Tampa Commercial Resident

As one of Americas leading and premier real estate investment banking companies they have led  more than 50 years, with their  expertise and knowledge and is recognized as the leading force in commercial real estate and investment banking by private investors and institutions.  They are unmatched when it comes to knowledge and understanding of commercial real estate market  which allows them to deliver on their promises to meet the precise needs of all their clients.

As low profile powerhouse, they have been recognized by industry professionals  as the most highly respected real estate investment banking company in the country.   They create custom designed strategies for their high profile clients, and combine conventional real estate brokerage with the corporate finance and capital markets expertise of an investment bank.

As a large part of their success, they utilize the aid of Aerial Photography companies such as Astro Aerial Photography to capture their prime  location as none other.  A view from above can showcase their holdings from a vantage point not seen from ground level.

Their knowledge is one of their best assets, and allows them to set the industry standard for market domination, creating value and offer truly outstanding client service.  Their  passion for excellence is based on their core tenets of leadership, teamwork and innovation.  Their clients benefit from their coordinated and responsive culture, which emphasizes the collective formation and deployment of the knowledge, experience and relationships that we need to maximize opportunities.

Aerial vertical Survey

Shooting Aerial Photography from Drones vs Aircraft

Drone are a great way to do an aerial inspection of power line’s,  tall antennas, and towers, and aerial surveys of water treatment sites or any construction related project with very clear, detailed videos and still images which can be captured on an SD card or in real time.  It is possible to see with great detail such things as progress, defects, aging condition, or bird and insect presence or any other inspection to the structure.
Although  drone photography for inspections and surveys are more time consuming than would be from and aircraft or helicopter,  the image quality of the videos and pictures more than compensates for the additional time to do the actual work.  However there is disadvantage to using drones.  They are extremely slow, and limited to flying no higher than 400 feet above the ground.  This limitation is very restrictive if you need to cover a large area from much higher up.
It takes a lot longer to do a vertical aerial photograph inspection from the ground with a drone than it would from a aircraft.  With an aircraft it is possible to shoot 4-6 individual property sites in the same time it would take to shoot just one site with a drone because with a drone one physically has to drive out to each location, then if it is rural, one has to get off the road, many times venturing onto dirt roads and  risky water logged areas possibly damaging your vehicle or risking getting stuck in loose uneven or muddy ground with a car or truck.  Then there is the time in setting up the drone and equipment, and finally flying the drone mission is additional time.  And then hoping the wind conditions don’t change unexpectedly, or worse, have and eagle attack and fly away with your expensive little drone!    If the area is very large, many times it is necessary to return the drone to home base for several battery changes.  All this can take up a lot of time.  “I recently did just such an assignment for a municipal utility company  consisting of 6 large  sites each about half a mile to a mile long by half a mile and the entire job took up to almost 7 hours, whereas with an aircraft the job would have been easily done in one and a half hours”  says Steve with Astro Aerial Photography  an Orlando  Aerial Photography Company that services the entire state of Florida.  The cost of doing such a job in  aircraft was almost the same as drone photography,  but with a drone the time was much longer.   But the benefit of using the drone is perhaps getting lower and closer and capturing better details in the images since the drone could fly much lower altitudes than an aircraft, and the closer you are to the subject the better the resolution and details.  The size of the site to be shot is important.  Drones are best for shooting small projects and close together.  It can get very time consuming and expensive for labor costs if the distance between jobs is far, whereas with an aircraft, traveling great distances is fast and efficient.  When doing aerial photography one prefers to fly aircraft as the first  choice for cost and time savings.

Aerial Photography Ft lauderdale

FAA: Pilot reports of drone sightings more than double

Hollywood FL,  Pilot reports of drone sightings so far this year are more than double last year, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, raising concern about the potential for a deadly collision.

There have been more than 785 reports in 2018 by pilots of unmanned aircraft flying near manned aircraft, the FAA said in a statement. .

The reports come from pilots of a variety of aircraft, including many large airliners. The concern is that if a drone collides with an aircraft engine, it could disable the engine much like birds do sometimes when they get chewed up by engines. Also, a high speed collision with a drone might damage the surface of a plane, changing the airflow in a way that makes the plane difficult to maneuver potentially causing a crash.

There were 16 drone sightings reported in June 2014, and 36 the following month. This year, there were 138 reports from pilots flying up to 10,000 feet in altitude in June, and 137 reports in July.

Earlier this week, crews on four commercial flights spotted a drone while preparing to land at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. None of the pilots were required to make evasive maneuvers as a result of the sightings. The planes were between 2,000 and 3,000 feet in the air and eight to 13 miles away from the airport.

The FAA generally restricts drone flights to beneath 400 feet and at least 3 miles from an airport.

Flying a drone “anywhere near” an airplane can bring criminal charges and fines up to $25,000, according to the FAA.

Firefighters battling wildfires in the West have been forced to ground their operations on several occasions after drones were spotted.

Suspected drones interfered with aircraft fighting at least 13 wildfires so far this year, up from four fires last year and only scattered incidents before, according to the U.S. Forest Service. Last month, crews were grounded for 20 minutes as flames spread in a wildfire that closed Interstate 15 in Southern California and destroyed numerous vehicles after five drones were sighted.

Firefighting agencies have introduced public service announcements to warn drone hobbyists, while lawmakers are seeking stiffer penalties for interfering.

The FAA said it is working closely with law enforcement to identify and investigate unauthorized drone operations. The agency has levied civil penalties for several unauthorized flights around the country, and has dozens of open enforcement cases.

“The FAA encourages the public to report unauthorized drone operations to local law enforcement and to help discourage this dangerous, illegal activity,” the statement said.

Hobbyists are allowed to fly small drones, which are hardly different from model aircraft, for non-commercial purposes as long as they abide by a few rules, including keeping the aircraft within the line of sight of the operator at all times.

The FAA and the Academy of Model Aeronautics, an association for hobbyists, as well as other organizations representing the drone industry, have a publicity campaign called “Know Before You Fly” to educate drone operators on the rules.

The FAA recently passed a milestone of 1,000 permits granted to businesses to fly drones for aerial photography, to monitor pipelines and electrical transmission towers, and to inspect smokestacks, crops and the undersides of bridges, among other uses.

Last month in Hollywood Florida a small drone almost collided with a helicopter flying low just off the beach.  Judging from the camera mounted on its nose the helicopter might have been either a news , military or police helicopter .  Click to see the video here.

New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone

Drones are being used to capture video footage that shows construction progress at the Hillsborough county new stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Video imagery combined with computer designs shows how the  new stadium will develop.   The site of a new downtown stadium for the Tampa is being monitored by drones and software that can automatically flag slow progress.

Once per day, several drones automatically patrol the  work site, collecting video footage. That footage is then converted into a three dimensional picture of the site, which is fed into software that compares it to computerized architectural plans as well as a the construction work plan showing when each element should be finished.  The software can show managers how the project is progressing, and can automatically highlight parts that may be falling behind schedule.

The project highlights the way new technologies allows work to be monitored and it comes as productivity in other areas of work  is being tracked more closely using desktop software.

Software developed at the Drone mapping companies can show different stages of construction.
Monitoring activity across a large, complex construction site is particularly difficult because there are so many moving parts, and because the jobs being performed change frequently.   A report published in 2009 by the National Research Council of the National Academies found that construction lags behind other industries such as manufacturing in terms of productivity, and blamed the situation on problems with planning, coordination, and communication.

Another project involves tracking the activity of individual construction workers in video footage.
At the construction project, video is being captured by a drone operating company called Astro Aerial Photography. Their software can show how different subcontracting teams are working together.

While it is common to monitor progress closely, the near real time aerial images and software analysis being used provides a more comprehensive picture of what’s going on, and can highlight how a slowdown in one area may affect the entire project.  The nice thing about it is that it’s showing all the tasks in an area, so people are seeing the global impact.


Farm aerial photography

Farm drones expected to take off

Florida FARMS AND GROVES.   Every week, a a farm owner walks a portion of the 600 acres of crops at the Indian River Citrus Groves to gather crop information used to fight pests, weeds and other plant ailments that could threaten the harvest.It’s a labor intensive process repeated at groves and farms throughout Florida, and it’s one farm owner who says could soon become vastly more efficient thanks to drone technology.Farmers, and grove owners including Dreyfus Citrus, says that in the coming years, drones equipped with cameras and other sensors could become a standard tool for surveying crops, among a host of other agricultural uses.

A few years back Grove owners and farmers literally walked the fields.  With something like drones, you could fly over the fields, take pictures, take it back to the office and analyze it. Farmer and grove owners work with the University of Florida’s agricultural collage  of Alachua County  have meetings on agricultural drones regularly to stay on top of latest developments in agricultural drones to increase the efficiency of their groves.Interest has been building among farmers since the introduction of drone technology, when the Federal Aviation Administration started permitting businesses to fly drones commercially on a case-by-case basis.

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved more than 50 exemptions for farm-related operations, and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International,  estimates that agriculture could eventually account for 80 percent of all commercial drone use.While drones have yet to be put into use at farms in the Indian river County areas, local agriculture experts expect the technology to become commonplace at larger acreage farms over the next decade.Agriculture is an easy fit for drones, as most farms are in sparsely populated areas, which presents fewer privacy concerns with neighbors.

Meanwhile, the technology appears to be a clear money saver on the farm, as it would allow farmers and crop consultants to quickly diagnose and respond to a host of issues affecting crop production, such as drainage problems, pests, plant diseases, soil compaction and erosion.The small, relatively inexpensive vehicles could eventually be used to transmit detailed information about crops to combines and sprayers, directing them to problem spots and cutting down on the amount of water and chemicals a farmer needs to use in those areas.

Imagine walking a 600 acre field and trying to cover all of it.  If you can get up in the air 400 feet, you can see the entire field, and it takes you 10 seconds.   You can see where the problems are, and you can walk right to themAstro Aerial Photography  utilizes high-resolution photos taken by airplane in its day-to-day operations, but drones would provide instant results, albeit at lower resolutions.The difference with a drone is you could get imagery quicker, like within minutes,  and it will allow for quick decision making.