About Us

Astro Aerial Photography is a small but powerful member of your Marketing and Support Vendor team that specializes in High Resolution Magazine Quality Aerial Photography.   We offer aerial services like Custom Oblique Aerial Photography for Marketing and advertising, and documentation of sites, aerial photography and image interpretation,  Precision Vertical Aerial Photography, Aerial maps,  Accident Reconstruction Aerial Photography,  detailed Construction Progress Aerial Photography,  large  custom  format murals and large format printing,  Billboard size images and more.   We cater to Commercial clients, Marketing Professionals, Hospitality, Engineering, Scientific , Government Agencies, Publications, all property owners, and Professional Real Estate oriented companies in need of High Quality High resolution Aerial Photography Services.   We are centrally located in Orlando Florida and servicing all of Florida with clients throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, and even the Bahamas.   As the owner I take a very personalized approach with all my clients and put my reputation on the line each and every time I accept a new client. We will do everything humanly possible to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality, the most value at the best price, with the greatest return on their investment.  We know that if our clients aren’t receiving the most benefit from our Photography work we will be replaced.  Currently we average a 98% retention rate with our clients which says a lot about the service we are able to provide. Don’t hesitate to read the collection of testimonials at the bottom of each page throughout our website and see for yourself how our clients rave about us.

Our unique selling point is that we guarantee our work to your fullest satisfaction or we will redo the work at our own expense.  There is no other company we know of that will actually guarantee this.  We can only do this because we have 23+ years experience in the field of Professional Photography and have Aerial Photography down to a science.   One of my first aviator mentors was was Jack R. Hunt USN retired, president of my beloved alma mater,  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Jack said it best about us:  “For some people the sky is the limit.  For us, it’s only the beginning…” As technology changes, we also change to always give you our very best. We know all the tricks of the trade our competition hasn’t even yet discovered, and that’s just one of the many things that sets us apart from them.   But don’t take our word for it.   Go ahead, scroll through all our testimonials at the bottom of this page!

The love of aviation runs deep in our family.   My father flew as a pilot in WWII,  as did my father in law.  I myself a licensed pilot since 1977.   My two sons also, started off in the Civil Air Patrol.  My oldest now works in the Aviation electronics  industry, and is a newly licensed pilot.  My youngest  works in the Space industry.  He has set his sights even higher than the sky.   His aim is for the stars… . His passion began when he started building and flying model rockets at age 8.   They both proudly served in the U. S. Air Force.   And today pursuing their dreams.  I’m very proud of both. 

When this company was formed, I made sure to get all the best pilots available such as Danny D, a former DC-10 FedEx Captain.    Capt Mike P. USAF C-130 pilot.    Col Edward H, USAF B-52 pilot.    Daniel A,  a former Swissair airline pilot, Capt Tom D a USN Tailhook pilot.    And many other highly experienced former military and professional airline pilots who have  worked with us over the years.   I personally was instructed and mentored by one of the great modern aviators.   His name was Capt. Jack E. Frost.  Yes, that was his real name.  And yes, he really was “cool”.   Jack was a Captain on a DC-3 for Eastern Airlines out of Miami back in the good old days, and later worked   as Chief Pilot for the University of Florida’s famous Florida Gators in Gainesville Florida.   Jack and I flew together in the University’s DC-3 nicknamed the “Blue Goose” many times.  We transporting the football, and  baseball teams, and the U of F cheerleaders all over the Southeast to many football and basketball games.

We’ve always  hired  the Top Guns in the industry that ensured our success as precision aerial photographers.   Together with our professional flight team, we can offer you the absolute highest quality at the best prices.   We all work together as a team to create some of the most powerful marketing products most competitors could only dream of.   We even do work for people who own their own aircraft and can do their own photography!   And here’s what they say about us:    “Thanks Steve! The pictures are beautiful, better than I expected!   As you know we all have our own airplanes and fly, and we take a lot of pictures, but nothing like these! Thanks again!”  Peter Strimenos,  Cattle Rancher and Real Estate Developer, Leesburg FL.

Currently we have 14 professionals from all over Florida who make  Astro Aerial Photography possible, but the most important member, and the one most responsible for our success, is YOU.   Without you,  all this would not be possible.

Stop wasting time and money with what we call point and shoot shotgun low quality photography.  We know what you want and how to deliver.  We don’t shoot hundreds of random shots hoping to get just a few good ones.  Every one of our images is a masterpiece.   With our variety of coverage packages we give you what you want  that fits your budget.  

When you hire  Astro Aerial Photography to capture your “million dollar signature shot”  you will be working with the owner of the company who is one of the top Professional Aerial Photographers in Florida and the Southeast.  

Our philosophy is simple.   “In the world of photography filled with mediocrity and compromise,  we shall make no contributions. We commit to giving you only the highest quality, the most value, at the best price.”  Thank you.