Vertical Aerial Photography

Vertical Aerial Photography and Image Interpretation, Aerial Maps

Accurate Aerial Digital Imagery has proven to be a huge asset for any kind of mapping application project.  Our Vertical Aerial images are taken straight down perpendicular view to the earths surface, producing distortion free, high resolution and detailed Vertical Aerial Images. Just look at some of our incredible “bird’s eye view” samples above.   Astro Aerial Photography understands that each client has unique requirements for their mapping and planning projects.  We specialize in providing Precision vertical aerial photography, aerial surveys, and aerial maps.  This precision aerial work is specially tailored to meet your specifications and provides you with the results you are looking for at the best price.

Custom Precision Vertical Aerial Photography:

Our Custom Vertical Aerial Photography views are used to analyze, Document, and Communicate. They are high resolution digital Aerial Mapping imagery, so you can zoom and crop the images any way you desire.  In terms of precision, we provide you with straight down vertical views which are perpendicular to the surface of the earth. These bird’s eye view “aerial map” images have endless uses in Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Land Development, Surveying and Planning, Site selection, Accident Reconstruction, Agricultural crop assessment, Environmental Monitoring, and much more. The high resolution digital images can be delivered Electronically, CD’s, or printed in large format prints  from 16″x 20″ to 40 “x 60″ Murals, to Billboards, or even Ultra Giant Large Format sizes 16 feet wide by unlimited length on a variety of modern materials.

GIS Situational Awareness applications:

At the heart of this application, is a proprietary aerial photography Geo-rectification procedure to properly display, in digital format, map-like vertical images in a Geographic Information System (GIS) environment at a resolution up to five times greater than what is typically commercially available from sites such as Google Earth. Oblique angles (shots to the side of an angle) are also collected for additional visualization of current conditions. This application allows you to stay on top of things, and know the exact progress of your job and gives you accurate and detailed images to manage your project while sharing the data with your team in very near real time! 

Applications include, but not limited to, the following :

Geotechnical Engineering, Geological Assessment
Environmental Monitoring Regulatory Enforcement
Construction and Land Development
Real Estate Asset Management – Portfolio Assessment
Homeland Security – Disaster Assessment
Urban Planning and Developement
Natural Resources Management
Corporate Agriculture

For all your Vertical Mapping Imagery requirements, we’ll deliver to you high resolution digital aerial images in many cases same day or next day.  You won’t have to wait weeks.