Another drone jeopardizing airport traffic!

Authorities have detained two people they believe were involved with all the drones that have targeted London’s Gatwick airport and pressured the airport’s closing, wreaking havoc on the Christmas travel of around 140,000 people. In an announcement on Saturday, Sussex authorities stated they’d made the arrests only after 10 pm Friday as a part of the continuing investigations into the criminal use of drones which had disrupted flights into and out of the UK’s second-largest airport. Gatwick had suspended flights temporarily on Friday day after getting reports of a different drone sighting, but Gatwick stated that they resumed again in the early evening due to the military steps we have set up in the airport and reopened the airfield. Gatwick stated in announcement on Saturday that its runway was open and it aimed to conduct a complete schedule, but passengers must expect some delays and cancellations as we continue to recoup our efforts after three days of disturbance.  The truth is that technology, the capacity to prevent drones, is only just emerging.  What is happening on the floor is a mixture of steps taken to provide confidence that aircraft could be secure.

On Monday, the British authorities continue to look for leads into the Gatwick Airport drone incursion incident which disrupted air traffic for days at the large European-British Airport.  After coming up with no evidence to charge the two suspects from Crawley, and after police conducted a thorough search of their residence, they were released without charges.