Downtown Jacksonville, a great place to do business

Downtown is a Great Place for Business! Aerial Photography of Jacksonville

Mayor Lenny Curry, of the Downtown Investment Authority Board, and Downtown Vision, Inc. and community leaders are committed to Downtown Jacksonville’s success and growth.   Downtown Jacksonville offers one of the most affordable Business District’s for  commercial real estate space in all of Florida.  Commercial Real Estate Leasing Rates for retail and office space are also affordable very competitive with Northeast Florida and other state commercial  business locations.  Downtown Jacksonville also offers huge benefits to businesses via Community Redevelopment areas, a Brownfield area, an Enterprise Zone, and Empowerment Zone and state and local investment programs. Aerial Photography for commercial clients is a must to fully showcase this truly magnificent city and its landscapes and views. Astro Aerial photography fly’s and covers all of Florida from Key West to Pensacola, and of course all of Jacksonville and surrounding areas.  Aerial Photography from aircraft is preferable  and the choice for the largest of developers and commercial real estate companies since drone photography flights are prohibited due to close proximity to military fields, airports, no fly zones and high population density over the city.  One just can not see the magnificent views from 400 feet that a drone can fly compared seeing it from to 1500′ to 3500′ to even 5000′ or higher to capture the entire city views.