Drones and Agriculture

To improve food efficacy for the long run, improved plant counts, checking overall well being and damage assessment and general health conditions even  losses from disasters, drones have been used to do the job with great efficiency.  Drones can be used for taking a vertical aerial photograph of an area which can be useful in detecting over use of plant watering,  plant damage from insects and general plant health along with collecting other data necessary for efficient production. High productivity is essential for farming success.   Farmers have to count on timely and accurate information which may be easily and cost efficiently provided by drones that detect, monitor and record such conditions. Drones can measure plant life, supply data for educated decisions making and more efficient farming techniques.   Pollinating crops and appraising harvests well being and general health are just some of the things being done by today’s agricultural drones.  This is the future of farming that can help assure food security for the world and assure a continued supply for generations to come. This technology is now in use where large areas of land are used for farming,  such as Canada and Brazil and United States. Monitoring of the spread of a disease is crucial to prevent spreading and devastation of the crop.   Drones can provide a valuable service including  planting of seeds, even spreading of pesticides.  These technologies are already being implemented in developing countries that provide food to the world and assist farmers carryout  more cost effective operations.   These technologies are used together with artificial intelligence and the internet.  Welcome to the future!