Drones Violating Airspace

Experts say it’s projected that drone violations occur in controlled  airspace which violate FAA regulations at the rate of 4-5 per day over the US controlled airspace.   FAA said that the drone  in Las Vegas was likely breaking numerous FAA rules in highly restricted air space.  Presently there is about a half a mile radius distance around the Las Vegas airport which is designated as a ” no-fly” zone for drones.   It is irrelevant if you ask permission for a drone flight within that area from the local air traffic  control tower   because you will  not be allowed so near to the runway threshold at end  of the final approach end of the runway and especially if its so close to the congested  Vegas Strip.   A Drone Company helicopter spokesperson declined to speak about the sighting.   The air traffic controller at the Vegas tower immediately asked the sighting helicopter pilot additional questions, according to radio transmissions.   The Air traffic controller radio transmissions revealed that  a  Robinson 44  tour flight helicopter pilot observed a drone flying under his aircraft around 5:00 p.m Tuesday evening with about  400-500 foot clearance.   This is the time for rush hour traffic  on the ground and it is believed the drone was taking video or photos of the traffic below.  This is also the the most active time for helicopter sightseeing  tour operators in that area.  Because the area is heavily congested with ground  traffic and tour helicopters frequently use that same flying  corridor above Interstate 15 to make a final approach into Las Vegas’s  International Airport. An FAA  official confirmed there is an ongoing investigation into the incident such as these and could not give additional information regarding this e incident since it was under investigation.    Drones have come under attack in the Las Vegas area  recently as this year  since a Boeing 737 passenger airplane came dangerously close to a drone on final approach into the Las Vegas International Airport.