Aerial Inspections of Power Plant

Small unmanned aircraft are helping to assess power plant reactors and other industrial complex buildings. The work is completed in just 2 days, giving high-quality high resolution video feed data which saves the company hundreds of hours in manpower when done manually.   Energy companies are using the  newest state of the art technological advances  to provide safety and decrease the  cost of operations for their clients with aerial drones that survey ,inspect and can deliver these inspections. With the capability  to deliver real time, high-resolution images and videos, the drones are providing better quality data feeds and helping  security do a better job of securing such high profile sites. Industry  has started using drones several years ago to survey and  they fly a drone  and do aerial , exterior and even interior inspections at very low altitude. Commercial Power company operations have been using drones to inspect turbines, gas lines, power lines, and  substations., and even large scale mapping.  They  partner with the FAA to operated their unmanned aircraft for the utility industry nationwide.   Energy Companies realize that the  savings and safety greatly benefits the ground crews that used a drone to inspect dangerous structures such as uneven cooling towers.  The average the inspections require a crane or low flying aircraft  and requires weekly inspections. By eliminating the crane, scaffolding and other climbing equipment the inspectors don’t have to climb up dangerous areas and keeps the crew safely on the ground which greatly improves their safety.   These advantages save thousands of dollars in insurance costs.  The industry is always looking for  new ways  to improve plant operations and inspections and helping people reach higher levels of excellence that drives down the costs.    An Energy Company in Orlando Florida  has announced it is the first utility company in the nation to use drones beyond the line of sight  of the operator for power line inspections. These drone aerial photo flights are now also taking place in Florida and soon corporation will operate drones remotely to conduct inspections of power lines in other states.