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Aerial Photography Key West, Marathon, Key Largo

Spectacular Aerial Photography of Magazine Quality is Amazingly Affordable.  Fast and friendly service is something that everybody wants and  it comes standard with every job we do.  Expect it!   Why  wait weeks to get back your aerial photography images when you could have them back the next day, or sometimes even the same day!
We regularly fly up and down The Florida Keys covering  Key Largo, Marathon, Plantation Key,  Vaca Key, Big Pine Key, Sugarloaf Key, and Key West.   If you have a property with a spectacular location  surrounded by the water, you just can’t appreciate a view taken from 400 feet, as you can from 1500 feet or higher.  Its the same as if you looked out the second floor of a 25 story condo.  And what you see from the 2nd floor is nothing compared to what you would see from the 25th floor.  Get the picture?!   So for the higher perspectives we use our specially configured aerial photography aircraft from which we can make high quality Oblique and Vertical Aerial Photography.
And if you need work done on a certain day or time, no problem, we can arrange it, provided it’s weather permitting.  And we always pick the right  weather conditions for every aerial photography flight.  Although many small aerial photography jobs can be flown by using a  drone.  Many can’t.   Drones do have  their limitations.  Altitude is one of them.  The FAA has prohibited them from flying above 400 feet for safety of over aircraft .  And drones do have safety issues when flying in very windy conditions which happens quite often in the Florida Keys especially in the winter months.  Then there are the drone No Fly Zones, forget it!  But don’t worry .  We have you covered all the way up to 15000 feet with our aerial photography aircraft which can fly where the eagles fly, and drones don’t dare!  Regardless of what you may think, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  It’s still surprisingly affordable.
Every aerial photography image we produce is always Magazine Quality and many of our work does appear in publications and billboards, even along Hwy US 1.   We will guarantee your satisfaction or we’ll redo the work at our own expense!
So please take a moment and read below how so many of our customers rave about our work.  Then give us a call.  Place your order.  Sit back and relax.  We’ll do the rest.