Drone Photography



Drone Photography is valuable for use in very low altitude Aerial Photography. The FAA prohibits drone flying above 400 feet to ensure the safety of other heavier aircraft such as helicopters and aircraft.  Therefore drones are limited as to where they can fly.  Nowadays, all drones used in commercial operation are blocked from operating if they are within a certain distance from any airport, generally if less than 2 miles.


Drone are basically tripods in the sky, and can be placed anywhere around a subject to capture appealing images which are not accessible from the ground.  Drones provide a different perspective that otherwise would not be seen from the ground.  Drone photography can capture still photos and video remotely from the ground by an operator on the ground.  Drones (or Quadcopters) and fixed wing miniature aircraft are used to perform various precision assignments not possible to do from the ground.


Astro Aerial Photography provides high quality Real Estate photography of homes and buildings, Construction progress documentation, precision scaled Aerial Maps, and 3-D imagery for Engineering and Construction and planning agencies.  All drone are referred to as autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles since they fly remotely and controlled from the ground.   Drone photography allows a live view from the sky that would not be possible otherwise.