We live in an increasingly complex society and Accident Reconstruction Photography is up due to more accidents as the population of Florida grows.  We routinely work with accident and injury attorneys and insurance companies to provides digital aerial photography and image interpretation, and complete documentation of automobile accidents and their reconstruction for evidence in court and insurance claims.  We can also act as your expert witnesses if needed.  We can capture the accident or crime scene from a birds eye aerial perspective.   We can also provided one foot wide white marker lines on the ground to show distances going up to and leading away from the scene using water soluble white paint which our ground team will mark off on the ground for you at the intervals you specify.   We’ll do whatever is necessary for your legal team to gather all the evidence needed to make your case more understandable.


Our Drone Aerial photography can also be used to document environmental damage and contamination, and its effects on the environment that may not be evident from the ground.  From small accidents to large catastrophic events such as hurricanes, tornado and wind damage, roof inspection and roof damage.  Cell phone tower inspections and building inspections inaccessible to ground teams.  We can adequately document the aftermath for your insurance claims to make sure you get fully assessed and reimbursed in cases of building and personal property damage or injury.  Check out  your local weather forecast  to the right.
Provide us with your specifications, and leave the rest to us.  We will capture your aerial photos with ultra high resolution professional drone and camera equipment and produce vivid, vibrant, colorful, ultra sharp, high quality aerial photographs that will get the message across.  All your images can be delivered to you electronically directly to your Inbox.

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