Commercial Real Estate and Business Video Productions

Each Video production gives full coverage of your property from Air and Ground with dynamic motion graphics, animations and transitions.  We keep things simple for you. Tell us what you need and we will do the rest from ground up.   Each promotional video is between 2 to 3 minutes long in vibrant color with an appropriate catchy audio music track.   Both Drone Aerial and Ground video footage is edited and custom blended together to give you a captivating video that will tell your story in a nut shell.  Each video production includes custom labels that identify everything that is important for the client to know.

Dynamic Marketing Video Productions

Real Estate marketers rely on Professional Marketing Videos that help sell their properties even faster, and for higher prices!  An attractive colorful video production will attract new clients better than an ordinary photograph simply because it is dynamic and customers are captivated by it.

We service all Commercial Real Estate sales brokerage companies that have high end properties to lease or sell.
Other Businesses that use our video productions are Industries  of all types and Manufacturers,  Retail, Wholesale businesses, office parks, multi family dwellings, apartment complexes to showcase their properties location amenities and features.  Marketing video productions are also used by small businesses, residential real estate companies for selling small real estate and acreage.

Why use Marketing Videos?

With Commercial Real Estate sales, obtaining the listing is just the start. The next you would have to create a captivating marketing piece for distribution. We provide you with a high quality video production.  A “commercial” that tells the story of your listing and provides all the pertinent information while the client watches from the comfort of his office.    Our professional marketing videos give you all the information that is relevant with attractive informational labels,  overlays and graphics to highlight highways and points of interest, property shading, brand names and signs, and outlines to focus and grab their prospects attention so they retain the information.
Your video can be played again and again by the client simply be sending the them a convenient link to watch.  No messy image sizing and downloads.  We keep it simple and direct to the point for you.

Always use a Professional

We use ground level video and photography, drones, and aircraft or sometimes helicopters.  Once the raw content is captures, we professionally edit and color correct, and delivered the final product directly into your inbox via a Google Drive link from which you can download and save to your desktops.

Give is a call to discuss your marketing needs. We will listen to your needs. Then just sit back, and we’ll do the rest.